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Category: Trophy Hunter

A new game!

Hey everyone!

Something new is coming soon! I recorded a video at 4 am showing what our new game will be.
Trophy Hunter
When I released TheSecretGame2 I noticed many people were buying that “not-so-good” game because of the achievements. They want to get as many achievements as possible.
Trophy Hunter will “simulate” these peoples life. I hope they will also play it :p
Basically, you buy games for an in-game currency with the very creative name “Money”. Then you hit the play button in your library to play the games and get achievements. That’s all 😀
Here is a little preview of what the game will look like:

In addition, I started streaming game development again. If you would like to join us creating this shit in Unity3D with C#, feel free to join us! (Get the @Streams role using !streams on our Discord server to get notified when I go live >.>

Thank you for reading!
~ Lasse