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Author: Lasse Niermann


Hello, my name is Lasse Niermann and I was interested in creating games. So, I started using Unity and learned C#. I spent a lot of days and (mostly) nights on doing some stuff, breaking it, trying to fix it and using stackoverflow. My two games aren’t really useful or good but they helped me understanding programming languages. That’s why I decided to put my games on Steam and Enjoy them :p

A new game!

Hey everyone!

Something new is coming soon! I recorded a video at 4 am showing what our new game will be.
Trophy Hunter
When I released TheSecretGame2 I noticed many people were buying that “not-so-good” game because of the achievements. They want to get as many achievements as possible.
Trophy Hunter will “simulate” these peoples life. I hope they will also play it :p
Basically, you buy games for an in-game currency with the very creative name “Money”. Then you hit the play button in your library to play the games and get achievements. That’s all 😀
Here is a little preview of what the game will look like:

In addition, I started streaming game development again. If you would like to join us creating this shit in Unity3D with C#, feel free to join us! (Get the @Streams role using !streams on our Discord server to get notified when I go live >.>

Thank you for reading!
~ Lasse