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Hello, my name is Lasse Niermann and I was interested in creating games. So, I started using Unity and learned C#. I spent a lot of days and (mostly) nights on doing some stuff, breaking it, trying to fix it and using stackoverflow. My two games aren’t really useful or good but they helped me understanding programming languages. That’s why I decided to put my games on Steam. Enjoy them :p

A new game!

Hey everyone!

Something new is coming soon! I recorded a video at 4 am showing what our new game will be.
Achievement Hunters
When I released TheSecretGame2 I noticed many people are buying that shit game because of the achievements. They want to get as many achievements as possible.
Achievement Hunters will “simulate” these people. I hope they will also play it :p
Basically, you buy games for an ingame currency with the very creative name “Money”. Then you hit the play button in your library to play the games and get achievements. That’s all 😀
Here is a little preview of what the game will look like:

In addition, I started streaming game development again. If you would like to join us creating this shit in Unity3D with C#, feel free to join us! (Get the @Streams role using !streams on our Discord server to get notified when I go live >.>

Thank you for reading!
~ Lasse

End of Early Access

Hello everyone!
We published the Early Access version of TheSecretGame2 in December 2018.
After three months we’re ready to officially release TheSecretGame2 officially for a price of 0.99$.
We hope the game is bad enough to represent our intention (which is explained in the outro since January).

The retirement of Steam Greenlight by Valve to get more money and more bad games on Steam

If you haven’t purchased the game yet do it now! There is a 40% discount running until March 11.
Feel free to leave feedback in the reviews or #general (On our Discord server). We appreciate any YouTube videos or Livestreams.

I am available for any other questions. Have a wonderful day!

~ Lasse

We were busy!

Hey everyone!

Since the release, nearly one month ago, we were working hard to fix bugs and add new features suggested by the community.
The whole changelog is here available.
However, here is a short overview:

Features implemented (Version 1.0.0 – 1.0.8)

  • The keyboard input for the numbers has been improved. You don’t need to spam the keys anymore
  • Intro clip improved
  • Added the reason for this game (RIP Steam Greenlight) to the outro
  • Added snow to the main menu because it is winter (at least here)
  • Added quality & volume options! Manage your preferred graphics and volume directly in-game
  • Added FPS (frames per second) counter to the top

Bugs fixed (Version 1.0.0 – 1.0.8)

  • Shorter time in the trunk (felt like ages)
  • Fixed some bugs with the camera behavior
  • Improved texture quality and shaders
  • Performance updates

We are looking forward to hearing feedback from you on our Discord server!

Have a wonderful day,

We are ready!

Hello everyone!
Today we would like to announce the release of TheSecretGame2 on December 21st. 
We are happy that Valve approved our game in this early state. If you find any bugs, please submit them using the bug report button on the main menu. 

If you would like to join a giveaway of Steam keys, make sure to join our Discord Guild!

On the release day, we will stream live on the Steam Store Page and our Twitch channel.

Have a nice day, 

Steam page is waiting for approval!

Hey everyone!

Our steam store page of TheSecretGame2 is now waiting for approval at Valve!

In the past days we prepared everything to create a somehow working game with at least some of my ideas. I will let you know more regarding the story later this week/month. The trailer will be published when we the page is getting approved.

See you soon!

Lasse Niermann